About Us

Who is behind Inspirations Agency ?

Once upon a time... Olivier - or "Oliver" in english - who ventured into entrepreneurship and marketing consultation. Today, he stands as the proud owner of Inspirations Agency, his brainchild and testament to his passion for fashion and talent spotting. His relentless efforts and keen eye have not only built a reputable name for his agency, but also attracted talent from every nook and cranny of the world.

Inspirations Agency boasts collaborations with some of the most renowned brands in the fashion landscape. The agency takes pride in its expertise in recruiting models with diverse and distinct aesthetics, its talent pool encompassing both seasoned and emerging stars. To ensure the flawless execution and success of every photoshoot, the agency goes above and beyond in delivering outstanding service to its clients.

Olivier's leadership has been the driving force behind the constant growth and flourishing of Inspirations Agency. His vision and unwavering dedication have propelled the agency to become one of the most esteemed and coveted modeling agencies in the fashion capital, Paris. Olivier's efforts have also seen the agency broaden its horizons, with model recruitment spanning across the globe, establishing Inspirations Agency as a true embodiment of a global operation.