Application for working with us

You can submit your application using our online form. We meticulously evaluate the information you provide and aim to respond to you within a two-day timeframe. This efficient process allows us to promptly determine if pursuing an application with Inspirations Agency is the best fit for you.

Though our primary goal is to significantly amplify the reach of existing accounts, we also welcome newcomers. For a successful application, we consider various different elements.

Unfortunately and like all applications, yes. Be assured that we meticulously evaluate each application before deciding to proceed further or reject it. We have complete confidence in our ability to significantly enhance the financial success of every partner we onboard. Each onboarding demands substantial resources and commitment on our part. Indeed, we only collaborate with creators where we have strong confidence, based on the information provided, that we can achieve maximal success.


To sum up in only 3 points, we :

  • Create content generation that transforms visitors into engaged followers.
  • Find growth hacking and digital marketing tactics to boost follower count and expand your fanbase.
  • Build efficient account and community management to convert followers into dedicated fans who are willing to pay progressively more for exclusive content.

We're available according to your needs. Whether you prefer daily conversations or choose to check-in weekly or monthly is entirely your decision. Our robust team has the capacity to facilitate daily communication, and our advanced technological systems ensure efficiency even with minimal personal interaction. You can connect with us through email, WhatsApp, video calls, or telephone. Generally, we arrange personal meetings via calendar invites for optimal organization.

Content and Marketing

In collaboration with your account manager, you'll identify the perfect balance between content that personally appeals to you and content that is highly success-driven. You will only need to create content that you are totally at ease with. The more of such content you produce, the greater the success we can reach. To give a specific answer, you'll create about 10-20 content pieces per week. Furthermore, if you already professional experience, you shouldn't have to dedicate more than 5 hours a week to this work.

All rights to the content remain exclusively yours : we simply use the content on your behalf, with no claim of ownership.

It depends on the strategy we set up for you. Generally, we utilize platforms such as Instagram,TikTok, Twitter, Tinder, Reddit,... And so one. Within these platforms, we operate according to a set strategy for both organic and paid methods.

Payment and Privacy

We offer various methods of payment, tailored to suit your preferences. Generally, payments are made monthly, regardless of who initiates the invoice. There are absolutely no financial risks involved. We always create a contract. We invest our resources to ensure we yield the best possible outcomes together. Our earnings only increase when your account generates more income. There are no undisclosed costs linked to your account.

Your privacy and data security are our priority. Once your onboarding is finalized, only you and your assigned account manager have access to your shared data files.